Friday, November 2, 2007

Why did we create Bookeetown?

Nowadays we spend more and more time using the web in our business or private lives. We work online, we get informed, we buy, we communicate, we compare, we exchange.

For the majority of web users, browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox have enabled us to bookmark and locate our favorite sites at a glance but as we accumulate score of new sites, many of us find ourselves retyping web names to save time rather than scrolling to find what we are looking for.

What is a “bookee”?

Derived from the word bookmark, a bookee is a term invented by Bookeetown to describe a family of websites organized by interest.

Getting started

When you become a member of Bookeetown (registration is free), you will immediately enjoy 3 main types of bookees, all of which can be modified and personalized at any time.

1/Top bookees:

the world’s leading sites, pre-selected for you by Bookeetown, such as Google, MSN, Microsoft, Yahoo!, eBay, AOL, Amazon, YouTube, Skype, iTunes, MySpace, Wikipedia, CNN, Expedia, SecondLife, Weather, etc. As a member, you can add your favorite sites at any time.

Basic: your country’s most popular sites selected for you by Bookeetown, such as Adobe, Ask, Citysearch, ESPN, Facebook, FedEx, New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Yellow Pages, etc. Our members can add their favorite sites to this bookee at any time.

Private: all the sites you need to run you private life. Many of these sites require a login and a password, such as “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, etc.

Business: all the sites that you use daily in business, depending on your activities: “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, search engines, market places, portals, etc.

2/Your bookees: categories which you create according to your special needs, passions and centers of interest.

Don’t limit yourself! You can create as many bookees as you desire, then decide later whether you want to keep them. You can make them available to international web users who share the same hobbies and interests.

3/You shared bookees: Benefit from the world’s best sites

Imagine being able to access the favorite sites of other Bookeetown members from all over the world who enjoy surfing the web as you do looking for the very best. It is now possible with Bookeetown.

Just type in one or two key words, and discover common sites. If you decide to use the bookee of another member, you will be able to rate it according to interest and originality.

The results of each bookee search are shown in decreasing order of importance, according to the key word entered, the number of members using a bookee and ratings by other Bookeetown users.

Using tags to better organize your bookees

uses tags or key words to help you manage your bookees and allows you to choose up to 3 tags for each bookee you create. You can then modify them at any time to make them more efficient. A tag is a personal choice, which reflects the contents of a bookee.

The more precise your tags, the easier it will be for members to access their desired bookees!

Constantly updated, the list of tags located in the lower left corner of Bookeetown’s homepage indicates the key words most frequently used by our members. Font size is another indication of how popular a tag is at any particular time.


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